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Xiamen cuisine is the representative of Taiwanese dishes in Fujian cuisine. Its taste is mainly fresh and sweet. The chefs are good at cooking seafood. They will add shrimp oil, shrimp sauce and other seasonings to freshen up. The common cooking methods are to slip, steam, fry, simmer and stew. Hongzao and Baizao are also a major feature of Taiwanese dishes, and the most famous cuisine are Fotiaoqiang, seafood with Xiamen unique soy sauce and cauldron octopus.


Xiamen has a wide variety of snacks, including local oyster omelets, Sipunculid worm jelly, rice noodle paste, roast rice dumpling, peanut soup, and sate noodles which is from Southeast Asia but has become the representative of Xiamen cuisine. In addition, because of Nanputuo Temple, vegetarian dishes and vegetarian cakes have also become a major feature of Xiamen cuisine. Vegetarian cake is the best choice for present.

Because of the beautiful environment, Xiamen has now become a small fresh resort. Variety of artistic tea shops, coffee shops, yogurt dessert shops are rising in Xiamen, which have become a major feature of Xiamen. Zhongshan Road is a gathering place for old brands foods and various kinds of snacks. If you like snacks, you must go there. For seafood, you can go to seafood stalls.

Jiang mother duck

 Red-faced duck is the raw material of Xiamen jiang mother duck. Making Jiang mother duck, first, need to fry the meat with sesame oil, then add ginger and rice wine to stew. After cooking, the dishes are delicious, sweet and nutritious. It has some efficacy such as soothing the liver and lung, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, activating blood circulation.

Da Jia Xiang Jiang Mother Duck (Siming Nanlu)


Add: 1floor, Tiger City Happy Shopping Center, No.114-128 Siming Nanlu

Opening hours: 9:00-20:30

Sipunculid worm jelly

 It is a kind of Xiamen specialty food, made by a kind of insects in the sand that is rich in gum. Making it, first, need to stew the insects, then let it cooled. Matching good condiments, it will be very delicious. However, when girls seeing their original appearance, they should be calm.

Tianhe West Gate Sipunculid worm jelly

Price: 10RMB/person

Add: No.33, Douxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen(Near western gate of Zhongshan Park)

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

oyster omelets

Oyster omelet, was absolutely familiar with those people who have watched the Taiwan opera Encountering Love at the Corner. Most of the local people in southern Fujian used oyster omelets as their breakfast dish.

Lianhuan Oyster Omelet

Price: 17 RMB/person

Add: No.33-2, Jukou Hengxiang, Jukou Street, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen


Opening hours: 11:00a.m.-1:00a.m.

Nanputuo vegetarian

Nanputuo vegetarian, has a hundred years of history, known as "the first vegetarian banquet in the world". The choice of materials, nomenclature, and cooking are all highly prized. The combination of color, flavor, and taste, together with the unique environment, has formed a special scientific vegetarian culture.

Xiamen Nanputuo Vegetarian Restaurant

Per capital: 66RMB/person

Add: Inside Nanputuo Temple, No.515, Siming Nanlu

Opening hours:

Huangzehe Peanut Soup

 Peanut soup seems easy to make, in fact, it is rather complicated. You need to make the milky soup smells a rich peanut aroma. The peanuts are full and floating on the soup, and they will melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. When it is eaten, it can be accompanied with sweet or savory snacks, such as deep-fried dough sticks, fried leek dumplings, meat packages, sweet packages and so on.

Huangzehe Peanut Soup Shop(Zhongshan Road Branch)

Add: No.22-24,Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian


Opening hours:9:00-12:00 14:00-17:00

Shrimp Noodles

The main ingredients of the shrimp noodles are shrimp and noodles, but the delicious ingredients are not shrimp or noodles, but the soup. Only after you taste it, you will know how delicious it is. The delicious shrimp soup, fresh shrimps together with chewy noodles make a bowl of delicious shrimp noodles.

Mingyue Shrimp Noodles


Add: No.180 Xiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen


Opening hours:10:00-22:00


There are many kinds of seafood in Xiamen and the cooking methods are different. There are many restaurants to choose, from seafood stalls by sea to luxury seafood restaurants in downtown. If you choose to go to the seafood stalls, you can even select the fresh seafood by yourself once the fishermen pulling up the fishing net.

Jiali Seafood Restaurant

Price: 125RMB/person

AddJiali Seafood RestaurantZengcuoan, Island Ring Road


Opening hours: all day


sate noodles

The soup tastes good. One of the main ingredients of the sate noodle is the shrimp`s head. It needs to be salted for more than two months, then grinded, and adding shrimp paste, garlic sauce in sequence to the boiling oil. After it cooled, adding allspice, curry powder, chili powder, sesame, etc.

Wutang sate noodles

Price:20 RMB/person

Add: No.76, National Road, Siming District, Xiamen


Opening hours 10:00-13:00


Xiamen Roast Rice Dumpling

Xiamen's roast rice dumpling has a long history. The meat rice dumpling are famous in southern Fujian. They include mushrooms, pork, eggs, dried shrimps, chestnuts, etc. They taste very good with chutney sauce and a bowl of soup such as peanut soup.

1980 Roast Rice Dumpling

Add: No.353,Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen


Opening hours830a.m.-evening

Spring rolls

Spring rolls, also known as spring cake, the local people called pizza. It is composed of a variety of dishes, including bamboo shoots, peas, dried beans, egg (in the absence of seaweed), shrimp, pork, ostrea gigas thunberg and carrots. It is crisp, sweet, delicious, and nutritious.

A`qing Spring rolls and sweet dumpling

Add: No.8, Jukou St, Siming District, Xiamen


Opening hours 18:00-22:00

Wu Xiang Tiao

 It is one of the representative Xiamen delicious snacks, and is a must-have for wedding receptions, and festive foods. It uses a special bean skin, wrapped with minced meat, scallions, onions, etc. It was wrapped in a spring roll, then put down the pan and fried, and cut into several sections. It taste good with special sauce.

Ye Shi Fried Glutinous Pudding

It is the thing that white skin is stuffed with peanuts, sesame, and sugar. You can choose sesame powder or peanut powder. Every bite, you can taste the smell of rice mixes peanuts and sesame.

Ye Shi Fried Glutinous Pudding

Add: Longtou Road, Gulangyu Island


Opening hours: start from 8:00a.m

Tong`an Fengrou

 It is quite famous in the local area. Every time people make a happy event or build a new house or hold a banquet, they will never forget this dish. When overseas Chinese return home, they must also eat this dish. It is said that the authentic Tongan meat is very tender. Insert the chopsticks in the meat and the meat will be cut if the chopsticks falling.