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The Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center is the transportation hub in the east of Xiamen. Huandao Road, Lianqian Road and Lvling Road meet in the Exhibition Center. It is 10 km away from Gaoqi International Airport, 14 km from the cargo terminal,12 km from the passenger terminal, and 7 km from the train station and coach station. Many bus lines and minibus routes can reach the Exhibition Center directly, and the island also has Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to quickly reach the Exhibition Center. 

T3 Terminal - Exhibition Center
Option 1: Taxi: T3 Terminal - Exhibition Center, takes 25 minutes 40 RMB

Option 2: Airport Bus: T3 Terminal Airport Express Line - Huizhan Nanlu Station, takes 30 minutes 10 RMB

T4 Terminal - Exhibition Center
Option 1: Taxi: T4 Terminal - Exhibition Center, takes 20 minutes35 RMB
Option 2: BRT No.1 and No.6: T4 Terminal Station - Qianpu Station, takes 25 minutes 3 RMB

Xiamen Railway Station - Exhibition Center
Option 1: Taxi: Xiamen Railway Station - Exhibition Center, takes 25 minutes 35 RMB
Option 2: BRT No.3: Railway Station - Qianpu Station, takes 30 minutes 3 RMB

Option 3: Bus No.19A and No.19B: Xiamen Railway Station - Mingfa Xincheng Station, takes 45 minutes 2 RMB

Xiamen North Railway Station - Exhibition Center 
Option 1: Taxi: Xiamen North Railway Station -Exhibition Center, takes 40 minutes 85 RMB
Option 2: BRT No.6: Xiamen North Railway Station - Qianpu Station, takes 60 minutes 5 RMB
Option 3: Bus No.949: Xiamen North Railway Station - Mingfa Xincheng Station, takes 90 minutes 2 RMB

First Pier - Exhibition Center
Option 1: Taxi: First Pier -Exhibition Center, takes 30 minutes 50RMB
Option 2: BRT No.3: First Pier - Qianpu Station, takes 40 minutes3 RMB

Fanghu Passenger Transport Centre - Exhibition Center
Option 1: Taxi: Fanghu Passenger Transport Centre - Exhibition Center, takes 25 minutes30 RMB 
Option 2: Bus No.18: Fanghu Passenger Transport Centre – Wenxing Donglu Station, takes 40minutes 2RMB