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China International Organic Food Expo is settled in Xiamen, all you need to know is blowing things.

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On November 13th, 2019, in the "Xiamen Cultural Tourism Exhibition Industry Development Conference" held at Xiamen International Conference&Exhibition Center, Xiamen Bureau of Conference and Exhibition Affairs, China Organic Food Certification Center, Xiamen Phoenix Originality Exhibition Service Co., Ltd jointly announced that from 2020, China International Organic Food Expo will be permanently settled in Xiamen, and the three parties held a signing ceremony.

It is foreseeable that in the near future, "organic" will become another city card of Xiamen!

"China International Organic Food Expo" (CIOFE) is supported by China Green Food Development Center, organized by China Organic Food Certification Center, and co-organized by Xiamen Phoenix Originality Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The Expo has been successfully held for 13 sessions. It is an authoritative and large-scale organic food trade event in the domestic organic food industry. It will contribute to boost high-quality development of agriculture and build agricultural brand.

The organic food industry in China is becoming more mature, and the import and export trade volume is increasing year by year. It has become an important point for China's agricultural supply side reform, promoting rural revitalization and poverty alleviation. The Expo attracts groups from more than 20 provinces nationwide, as well as overseas like Japan, South Korea, Chile, Italy, etc. After settling in Xiamen, it will make full use of Xiamen's location and policy advantages to further expand international exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN, various countries and regions along the Silk Road, and developed countries in Europe and the United States.

According to the organizer of the exhibition, the concept of green development, ecological development and sustainable development of Xiamen will naturally coincides with the theme of CIOFE. In 2018, the Expo was successfully held in Xiamen. The excellent and advanced exhibition service environment of Xiamen impressed the organizing committee. It is believed that after the Expo is settled in Xiamen, the conference service will be fully guaranteed. In the future, the CIOFE will develop together with Xiamen, complement each other, and effectively promote Xiamen to become an organic food import and export trade base.

At present, the organizer of the Expo has confirmed the cooperation with BolognaFiere, and both parties intended to expand the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in organic food between China and Italy.

At this conference, in addition to CIOFE, another 31 projects have settled in Xiamen and signed contracts.