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Planted 4.37million haloxylon ammodendron in three years. What kind of inspiration does this magical

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March is a good time for planting trees in the north of China. For well-known reasons, everyone can't go out to play in the countryside at will. In this special spring, let's take a look at this incredible place in China.

Alxa, a place with little or no precipitation, has Helan Mountain and Yin Mountain in the east, Longshou Mountain and Heli Mountain in the south, Mazong Mountain in the west, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the southeast, and Mongolian Plateau in the north. As a typical inland closed area, here the quicksand and the gobi are widely distributed. It is an arid desert plateau. The amount of precipitation determines the color of Alxa's surface. It is both arid and less rainy and colorful. There are completely different natural landscapes like mountains, rivers, forest, lakes, grasslands, gobi, swamps, deserts,etc..

The blue lake can be turned into white alkali beach, and the green forests and pastures can also be turned into tawny desert. In Alxa before the 1950s, 17 million mu of haloxylon ammodendron forest ran 800 kilometers from east to west, which was the camel's canteen, the desert cistanche production area, and the ecological barrier. In 2000, the forest was reduced to more than 3 million mu, and the Populus euphratica forest was also reduced from more than 1.7 million mu reduce to more than 0.5 million mu.

At this time, Alxa was known as the source of sandstorms in northern China. The desert Gobi occupies most of the 270,000 square kilometers of land in Alxa. Alxa League consists of Alxa Left Banner, Alxa Right Banner, and Ejina Banner. Each area is separated by 500 kilometers of Gobi.

Whether it is the desert or the oasis, it is determined by water. In the Tengger Desert of Alxa, there are 422 lakes. There have been scenes of how high the sandy mountains can be, and how tall the reeds and sand bamboos can be. But then most of those lakes no longer had water, vegetation began to degrade, and dunes began to activate.

According to Wang Tao, director of the Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Alxa, as "the most important ecological defense line in Northwest China", has become a sensitive area for global change and a critical area for China's environmental ecology due to its unique geographical and climatic characteristics.

Fortunately, although the area of Alxa Oasis shrank locally due to the impact of climate change and human activities between 1975 and 1990, according to the remote sensing database of Alxa Oasis, the area of the oasis in Alxa in the past 35 years the overall trend is "reduce first and then grow".

In 2010, the oasis area of Alxa Left Banner and Alxa Right Banner increased by 649.15 and 13.56 square kilometers respectively compared with 1975. In addition to natural oasis, artificial oasis also accounts for nearly 20% of the oasis area of the Alxa League. On August 27, 2019, the Environment and Economic Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the "Research Report on the Low-Carbon Lifestyle of the Public on the Internet Platform", which shows the rise of online tree planting has led more young people to participate in tree planting. The entire population accumulates green energy through low-carbon behaviors, and “waters and grows trees” on mobile phones.
After that, the charity team planted a real tree of corresponding energy in the name of the participant at the appropriate time. From 2016-2019, in Alxa, planting trees through the Internet, has passed the acceptance and certification procedures.

An assessment by the United Nations Environment Programme has stated that Gobi is "a barren land unsuitable for human habitation", but Alxa has had lives since ancient times, people here have formed a lifestyle and traditional culture adapted to drought, the Populus euphratica here can unfallen and immortal, and the "survival expert" Bactrian camel can live as usual without water. Therefore, Alxa is also our invaluable information base and gene bank to cope with drought. Alxa's future is particularly important when water scarcity become a common problem across the country and the world.

Humans have asked for too much from nature, but very little can be given back. Even the development of society is still at the cost of environmental damage.

There was a wise-man saying: "Saints get along with things without hurting them. He who does not hurt things cannot be hurt by things." This sentence points out that we practice organic life to protect the environment and to our own benefit.

Organic is the gift of nature. Passing the concept of health and environmental protection is also a manifestation of our love for our family. Organic life is the most pragmatic way to enjoy life. Adhering to an organic life is the most important reason why most Nordic families can maintain their quality of life. In China, people are busy with their work. They may not have the energy and time to get closer to the organic farms, so the easiest way to get close to the organic world is to choose safe, healthy and ecological food.

How to distinguish the authenticity of organic food? They can be identified by the following 4 steps:

Look at the sign. The minimum sales package or food is affixed with the "National Logo of Organic Food". The logo is marked with"中国有机食品" and the English word "ORGANIC". At the same time, it is marked with "Organic Code" and the name of the certification body approved by the China Certification and Accreditation Administration.

Look at the packaging. The packaging of organic products is usually made of biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials such as natural wood, plant stems and leaves, bamboo and paper.

Check the website. Consumers who are unsure of the authenticity of the "Organic Food National Mark" affixed by food vendors can log in to the "China Food and Agricultural Products Certification Information System" and enter the "Organic Code" listed on the sign to verify the information such as organic certification and whether the certification has expired.

Verification certificate. Consumers can obtain certification materials issued by certification bodies such as the certification certificate and sales certificate of the organic food from the sales unit to verify.

Organic and healthy life is simple. Organic food is not expensive but very affordable. At China International Organic Food Expo, you can find authentic, nutritious and affordable organic foods. Every product can be traced back to the place of origin, and every step from production to packaging meets organic certification standard.

The China International Organic Food Expo aims at returning everything to nature, helping visitors find the original taste of childhood, and let everyone can enjoy an organic and healthy life.