Introduction to the City

Xiamen, belonging to Fujian Province, is also known as the Egret Island, referred to as Heron, a sub-provincial city, special economic zone, and an important central city, harbor, and scenic tourism city on the southeast coast.   Xiamen is located in southeast of Fujian Province, bordering Zhangzhou in the west, Nan`an and Jinjiang in the north, and across the sea Quemoy and Dadan Island in the southeast. People there are speaking Hokkien. It is the major city of the southern region, and Zhangzhou and Quanzhou are also known as Hokkien Golden Triangle of China.

On October 7, 1980, the establishment of Economic Special Area was approved. Xiamen has successively been approved to one of the National Synthetically Reform Testing District (the "New District") and Free Trade Zone. Xiamen has become demonstration area of cooperation between emerging industries and modern service industries across the Strait, southeast international shipping center, regional financial service centers across the strait, and trade centers across the strait. 

Xiamen is composed of Xiamen Island, Kulangsu Island, Haicang Peninsula, Jimei Peninsula, Xiang'an peninsula, Dadeng and Xiaodeng Island, Tongan District, Jiulong River, etc. The land area is 1699.39 square kilometers, sea area is over 390 square kilometers. By this century, Xiamen has become a modern international port scenic tourist city, with the world's cultural heritage , the first national 5A tourist attractions - Gulangyu .