Reasons for Visiting

The 14th China International Organic Food Exposition approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has become a benchmark for the development of the organic industry in Asia with its rapid growth and international influence. The audience will have the opportunity to:

•Have business negotiation with more than 93,500 domestic and foreign professional audiences.

•Have business negotiation with 2,020 domestic and foreign organic exhibitors in 50,000 exhibition hall.

•Know organic, experience organic, support the development of the organic industry by take part in over 20 professional events during the exhibition.

•Exchange information with many domestic and foreign authoritative organic certification organizations to know organic certification standards.

•Participate in the summit forum to understand the global organic food market trends, discuss industry hot topics with experts and professionals, and exchange organic production technologies with hundreds of industry experts.

•Participate in on-site activities to understand the trends of the organic industry, know the people’s perceptions and ideas of organic, and guide the “organic” trend of the society.